🎻 Hey, Music Fam! 🎁 I've got an Exclusive Autographed CD for You! 🎁

Yo, my fellow music lovers! Got somethin' special just for you. Its been a blast playing the melodies that stir your souls, so its only right that I give you a chance to truly immerse yourselves in the world of my artistry. 
With a Free Autographed CD from yours truly! 🌟✍🏽 You just cover the shipping.
It’s not just a regular CD, nah! It's a piece of art, a connection between us, signed and sealed with mad love!

- Shaun Ward
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Some of your favorite covers from the soulful sounds of a violin!


  1. CUFF IT UP (Beyonce)
  2. CUFF IT UP MASHUP (Beyonce)
  3. YOU REMIND ME (Usher)
  4. WHOA (Snoh Alaegra)
  5. DAMAGE (H.E.R)
  6. CAN YOU STAND THE RAIN (New Edition)
  8. FLEX (Cupid)
  9. GO CRAZY (Chris Brown)
  10. LET ME LOVE YOU (Mario)
  11. CAN WE TALK (Tevin Campbell)
  12. UNTHINKABLE (Alicia Keys)
  13. ESSENCE (WizKid ft. Tems)
  14. ICU (Coco Jones)

🎁 Why You're Gonna Love This Deal: 🎁

➡️ Get Lost in the Rhythm: Immerse yourself in the some of your favorite jams and soulful tunes, through the smooth sounds of a violin. Let the melodies take you on a ride you won't forget.

➡️ Own a Piece of the Swag: Yo, you'll have a legit autographed copy of my art, a symbol of our connection and your love for the coolest sounds around.

➡️ Unleash Your Inner Groove: I'm bringin' the vibes from every corner of the music scene—classics, modern bangers, and everything in between.

➡️ Discover a New Sound: Brace yourself as my violin sings like no other lol, I’m told its a mind-blowing tone that'll have you hooked from the first note.

🎁 Why My Day 1's Keep Comin' Back: 🎁

➡️ Build Your Music Empire: Level up your collection with another gem, expandin' your sonic realm and keepin' your playlist game strong.

➡️ Spread the Swag: Share the love! Gift this autographed CD to a music lover in your circle and put 'em on to the hottest tracks and the smoothest vibes.

➡️ Unlock Exclusive Bonus Tracks: As a VIP member of the squad, you'll get access to secret joints and exclusive behind-the-scenes stories—straight up exclusives for my real ones.

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